Today, I decided to scour my old poetry for forgotten pieces in honor of several new releases that both deal with hope. First is today, Unmasked, an anthology of short stories and poetry by some writers in my writing community.

I’ve had the honor of reading it and it’s full of so many beautiful pieces. I was originally going to try and quote some of it… but I wanted to quote all of it… and I don’t want to spoil any of the beauty inside. 

You can preorder it here: 



If you email your preorder receipt to: you can also receive some exclusive preorder goodies that include: exclusive digital art, digital collectible bookmarks, unreleased poetry, and an exclusive letter from the authors! 

The blurb: 

As we see the world overcome with darkness and fear, it’s easy to lose sight of the light. We lose our hope, seeing, instead, only the fear. Written from the hardship of these times, 

Unmasked is a collection of poems and short stories meant to bring hope to a hopeless world. It was written for those lost, hurting, and searching, to bring them the light at the end of the tunnel.


As the anthology is about unmasking our pain and finding hope, I want to share some old pieces of poetry. They are poems I never thought I’d share. Poems about a part of me I once tried to hide. But also poems where I saw hope shine its brightest. Maybe I’ll share them all someday, but for today, its just a few.

These poems where written as a series late one night in December of 2017. 

Tired and Afraid

Dear God, I’m lost

For what to do

I’ve lost all will to try.


Dear God, I don’t know

How to move on

All I want to do is cry.


I can’t seem to understand.

I can’t seem to finish…

I can’t seem to speak.


I’m tired, I’m empty

I hardly care to breath

Every part of me just…


It just wants to get up and leave

To turn back and go home

Give up or “permanently postpone.”


I miss my home

My friends and things we did

I miss what I’m use to.


But I can’t keep holding to the past

Or I’ll never live.

But I don’t want to end what I should put behind my back.


I’m tired of trying to move on

Tired of trying to trust

I’m worn from just waking up.


No… even sleep is no escape.

I’m always running

I can’t ever find your peace.


Oh, God, I’m so tired.

Won’t you teach me

How to feel You in this mess?


I really just need your rest,

Even through the stress,

I need your presence.


I need to just be shown

You’re standing here

‘Cause all I’ve got is fear.


I’m afraid I’ll fall

And choose to not get up –

Choose to ignore Your hand.


I trust you have a purpose

To work all this for good

But I don’t feel like walking.


And I’m afraid, so afraid,

I’ll keep sitting here on the path

Crying, not wanting to move.


Not wanting to fight

These battles on the road

Cause I feel so alone.


And I know I’m not

But it’s always so dark and silent… or chaos

There never seems to be any help for me to see.


And I fear that that’s how it will always

Appear to me to be

Empty, closed off darkness all around. 


It all feels so useless,

I can’t find reason to go on.

But I’m tired of not moving.


Tired of fighting the same battle.

Tired of trying the same things.

Tired of never going forward. 


But I’m afraid of change

And equally afraid of not.

How do I make this turmoil stop?


How do I feel your peace?

How do I trust your way?

How do I learn to find your strength?


Father, please explain to me

What I need to do.

For I’m lost and so very dry right now.


I need to be filled with You.


Change of Focus

There was a voice in the chaos calling

“Daughter, you are mine.”

But in the mess I didn’t hear 

I was focused on the stress

I pushed on alone wondering,

Why it was ever so hard.

I kept calling out the truth

I said I knew it

But I was drowning out the voice

I kept asking to hear.

He was here all along

Singing His ceaseless song

But I was listening to the roar

The clamor of battle

And cowering in the dust

Asking why I couldn’t see

The King who I thought would always 

Be before and beside me.

I was focused on the wreckage,

Staring at the darkness.

When His light was there before me always-

As He promised. 

I was consumed in the pain

Asking for His respite

Begging once again to feel 

The Father’s hand.

But He had never let go.

I was focused on the hurt, 

Not the touch of His love.

So I will stop calling,

To hear His soft and gentle song.

I’ll turn my ears from chaos

And my sight from the darkening clouds

To hear and see the Maker

Who is always here with me.

And I’ll stop holding onto pain,

To hold ever tighter to the hand

Of the Lord, who was always holding mine.

And I know what I will find-

A ceaseless peace inside.

A overwhelming joy and

A love divine.

I’ll find the strength that

I was missing

And observe the battles’ victory.

For where one dwells, is where one lives. 

Where one looks is what they see.

What one listens for is what they hear.

And the feeling one focuses on is what they feel.

Therefore: I will dwell in the Lord and live.


Beautifully Different

It doesn’t have to be the same:

To be beautiful. 


Without change,

Beauty wouldn’t glow.


You have to let the past go,

To embrace the present.


Without the past,

Blessing don’t show.


It doesn’t have to be the same:

To be wonderful.


Without the different,

What is special wouldn’t be known.


You have to let the past go,

To observe the now.


Without what use to be,

Love and gratefulness can’t grow.


If you miss it,

There was love.


Without longing,

There is no belonging.


You have to say goodbye,

To have a new greeting.


Without choosing to accept,

One can’t go on finding.


If you miss it,

There was joy.


Without knowing change,

You can’t understand happiness’ dawning.


You have to turn away,

To look ahead.


Without the closing of a door,

It can’t be opened.


There is reason to move on

And reason to remember.


It’s alright to feel sorrow

But can you also be thankful?


Thankful that there was something

That made you smile.


Thankful you can remember

What was special.


Thankful that different

Can be just as beautiful.


Thankful that change

Makes diamonds out of ash. 


And you can move on

Praising God for what you miss.


Knowing that if there was beauty before,

There is beauty ahead.


One short story in the Unmasked anthology says, “Jay Stunner, instructed us many years ago to not discard the glass shards of a broken window. When asked why, he replied that he had a purpose for every broken piece.”

This is just a few broken pieces, but even now they have purpose.

I hope you will read the Unmasked anthology, and that the words of the many writers touch your heart. Again, you can preorder the ebook on amazon: or paperback from here: 

Remember, if you screenshot your receipt and email it to this address: you can also receive a preorder gift.

Stay tuned for April 18th when I share about Shards of Sky (and it’s also absolutely incredibly beautiful cover!! So many beautiful covers y’all!!!)  

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