So, I’m doing something unusual. I was recently nominated by another poetry blogger for the Liebster Award, and so I’m interrupting my series.

 I had to do a little bit of searching on what the purpose of the award is, which meant I had to go and follow a trail of the award being passed on till I came across this on a blog I follow (Hannah Heath: whom had taken it from someone else’s blog who had taken it from another person’s blog and I don’t know how far back that goes. XD But now I am borrowing it too:

The Liebster Award originated in Germany. The German word Liebster means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. In short, this award is given to the upcoming promising bloggers who have some worth-reading content and certainly have less than 200 followers as a recognition of their talent and as a way to greet them “welcome”. This is a small act of inspiration that might change a blogger’s whole point of view, just like it changed mine. The Liebster Award is an award for Recognition. You would not get any money, or cup, or medal, or certificate; just a recognition which will give you a spot-light mark in this crowded blogging-market!

Another thing about this award is that this is a “Pay it forward” award, like a chain-reaction. Once you have accepted the award, you have to search for other bloggers, who are emerging as new buds with some really promising content which you find worth reading. You can accept it, or you can let it go; no harm done….However, if you want to accept The Liebster Award, you have to follow six simple rules.

~Rules for the nomination~

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you.
  • Share 11 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 5-11 other bloggers.
  • Ask your nominees 11 questions of your choice – for my nominees, my questions for you will be at the end of this post! 
  • Notify your nominees once you have uploaded your post. 

So, now I begin! 

Thank you so much, Poetry and Life of an Irrelevant Girl, for this nomination. I’ve enjoyed reading your poetry and I’m so glad you have felt mine are worth reading as well. ^-^ Please, those reading this, take a moment to read her blog:

~Questions and answers~

  1. Have you or do you ever want to write a book?

I have written many things, however, none, except some short stories on a school newspaper, have been published. I did make available one short story, Dreams of Asha, to those who sign up for my newsletter ( I am currently working on a series of short stories, which I intend to publish this year. I also have plans for some books as well. 🙂

  1. How long have you been blogging and what is your favorite subject to write about?

I began blogging back in, I believe, September of 2017, so not quite three years yet. For my blog, I write almost exclusively poetry. The content of the poetry varies though they still follow a general theme of rising up, recognizing who we are meant to be, and finding hope during dark and difficult times. This theme has been here since the beginning, and the poem I began with is still to this day one of my favorite poems. In fact, just last month I won the title “Most Powerful Message or Theme” in the poetry category of a writing contest in a program I participate in. And that’s what I like to try and continue to write… poems that have powerful messages and themes.

(First post: “Not Just a Title”

  1. If you could move to a different town, state or country… where would you be?

I’d go back to Japan where I lived about half my life. 🙂 It’s so beautiful there, and the culture is so respectful. But there is the downside to being far from family, so I’m content with where I am. Lol 

  1. What is your favorite quality about yourself?

Ummm I guess that I’m a good listener? I like that people often feel comfortable to talk to me about things and they know I’ll listen and be understanding. Without this I wouldn’t even be able to do much of the other things I do, since many of my poems are based off of conversations or things I’ve heard many say which then spurs me to write and address the feeling or thought or issue. 

  1. Are you an introvert or an extrovert or even both?

Lol so… I’ve taken the Meyers brigs test like 20 times (not exaggerating) and gotten all sort of varying answers. At this point, I mostly say I’m an INFP. Which would mean I’m an introvert… though sometimes I’m an extrovert. I get charged by deep conversations with people. But if I don’t get a deep conversation while being around people, then I’m drained and have to spend time alone often writing and thinking about things. But if I do have a deep conversation, then I come home and I pace the house talking like crazy for the next several hours to my mom or whoever I can get to call me. XD 

  1. What is THE JOB of your dreams?

So like… I dream of doing a variety of things and I’m already in pursuit of it. Though all the chaos recently will probably affect parts of it. I want to be a facepainter, as well as an author and artist. I’m on track to publish sometime this year. I’ve been selling art for awhile, but I still need to actually open a website. And I’ve technically owned my own face painting business since I was thirteen, I’ve simply not launched it in my current community, and have had to postpone doing that because of social distancing. But I’ll be starting taking classes to improve my skills soon, and be working on how to present my business to show how I’m proactively keeping things clean and safe for the community once I’m able to begin again.

  1. Other than blogging/writing what is the one favorite thing you LOVE to do?

Art! ^-^ I love to draw and paint. I illustrate my characters for my stories with colored pencils and brush pens. I paint in both acrylics and watercolors. And I also LOVE working with chalk. Because it is messy and messes are amazing. U_U

  1. Where is one of the first places you plan on going after quarantine is over?

Most likely Church. I really didn’t go many other places before quarantine. 

  1. Speaking of Covid-19 is there anything that you learned about yourself or will be changing about yourself when ‘life moves on?’

I learned I have to have goals. @_@ Me with no goals means I walk aimlessly around the house and everyone can tell I am dying for a project. And also that I can set much higher goals… cause like. I had first said I just needed to do two short stories a month. I found out I could do two short stories in three days… then I found out I could write over 40,000 words in a week, a total of 10 very badly drafted short stories. So basically. I should challenge myself and stop procrastinating, and it’s okay to just start with really bad things cause then I can improve those very bad things. Like those drafts. That I’m still dreading looking at. Or my exceptionally bad sketches for a cover design. Which turned out really well in the end. 

  1. Is there anything as far as food that you will absolutely NOT eat?

Squid or Octopus. I may have grown up in Japan but they have not converted me. In fact, it made my repulsion to it grow. It just smells so bad. 

  1. Do you own a website for your writing?

I just have this blog (, as well as a facebook page ( and Instagram ( 

~11 Facts About Me (Warning: you’re about to see my wild side)~

  1. I love dragons. U_U In fact. I should introduce you to my most important writing buddies… *snaps a few not so great pictures* Untitled design (2)
  2. Names are exceptionally important to me, so I shall list the names of all the dragons to you. You may try and guess who is who if you like. 😉 Raigasudha, Zosofia, Serica, Aileesha, Cahyavah, Taitum, Vivia, Dorje, Vaclar, Etok-deres, Juzarine, Ejder, Hiryur, Anggan, Kamakakoa Nazar, Nisha, and Miliani. *and I’ve forgotten the little baby dragons names and this is a tragedy. I can’t find my list…* there is like… Kindsling, Ainsling, Fernding… but I don’t remember the rest…*apologizes to my baby dragons*
  3. I’ve collected names for a longggg time, and I’ve always named everything. Every single character I’ve drawn. Every single lego animal of which I have about 300 of. Every doll. Every stuffed animal. Now, I’m rather particular naming things according to meaning. In my stories, my characters are often named things for very particular reasons. In one case, I summarized the entire story in the character’s name.
  4. Yes, I also collect pillows. Pillows are also amazing. I was asked which I would if I had to choose either pillows or blankets and I said pillows. 
  5. I love fire. 
  6. I have long hair. *lets these last two facts linger*
  7. I’ve only caught my hair on fire once. 🙂
  8. I love capes. And swords. And long flowing dresses. And tiaras. And fancy braids. And fancy boxes. And leather notebooks. Basically I’d fit in well in a medieval time story…
  9. My favorite animated movie is Tangled.
  10. I use to hate all deserts except popsicles and hard candies, until my grandma told me icecream was popsicle without the stick and introduced to me the wonders of rainbow sherbet. Thats still my favorite icecream and I’m still pretty picky about deserts…
  11. I really don’t like lists and organization so doing this was incredibly hard XD

~My Nominees~

Rae’s Ramblings

Maya Joelle

Bella Putt

Cassidy Gregson


Jana B. (YA Author) 

Swords and Scores

Generation Lights

More Than a Church Kid

Eliana the Writer

Stargazers For Him

These are all writers from a community I recently joined called Young Writers Workshop, hosted by Do Hard Things. Several of these writers I have begun to become friends with. Some I’ve simply read posts by, or other writings done by them on YWW. All of them are great writers who I know God will use for amazing things. ❤ Please, feel free to click their blog names and check out their writing.

Thank you again, Life of an Irrelevant Girl, and everyone else who has supported me and my writing and has read this far. XD 

I’ll have another poem up this Wednesday!

~To those who I have nominated~

Don’t feel pressured to do this! I just wanted you to know I thought of you. 🙂 If you do decide to accept the nomination, here are your questions:

  1. What projects are you working on and what inspired them? (Can be both writing and non-writing related projects)
  2. How long have you been writing and blogging?
  3. When people read your blog and other works, what do you hope they will take from it?
  4. What is your favorite game?
  5. What is the strangest or most interesting thing you have ever researched in the name of writing?
  6. Can you share the worst line or typo you’ve ever written?
  7. What is your favorite candy?
  8. Can you describe what your dream writing environment would be? 
  9. What collections do you have? 
  10. If you could have any mythical (or wild) creature as a pet what would it be?
  11. What is your favorite quote and why?

I pray you all are reminded of how special you are. 🙂 

~Brianna Harpel

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