Coming soon: A song

I've got some quick, super exciting news! Over the past few months, a friend and I have been working on writing and composing a song. And now we are almost ready to share it with the world! Keep your eye out on August 18th for the youtube link! ~Brianna Harpel  

Shattered Gems (A Character Poem)

Some may know, but this month is about raising awareness for human trafficking. It’s something I’ve written about in poems on occasion, and slavery is a theme in many of my stories. In fact, in the short story series I’m working on there are two different characters who have stories dealing with slavery.  Last night, … Continue reading Shattered Gems (A Character Poem)

Distantly Near

Here's the next poem in the series Contradictions!   Distantly Near   Once upon a time, We lived in a world Busy, surrounded, Constantly unaware   Of the things we were passing between us. More than just sickness, But words, expressions, touches. Or sometimes, even then, the lack of them.   We stood so close … Continue reading Distantly Near