To Those Who Feel the Weight of the World

To Those Who Feel the Weight of the World ~ To those who feel  The weight of the world ~ May you know You don’t bear it alone ~ May you know Every feeling is your own ~ It is not fake, To feel. ~ You grieve, grief, But feel stronger joy over joy. You … Continue reading To Those Who Feel the Weight of the World

My Soul Cries Out in Song

My Soul Cries Out in Song ~ A life was ended Not long ago Somewhere, I vaguely know, Somewhere, miles away, In another state. ~ I didn’t know him. But yet, here, Distanced, My heart breaks. ~ Love, if there’s a thought in your mind That no one cares I promise That's a lie.  ~ … Continue reading My Soul Cries Out in Song

Weight of Okay

Weight of Okay ~ Here’s to the The ones “Okay.” No really...we are. We know the counter to every lie And can sing it line for line Handing out this truth Comfortable in the life line We’re better.  Done with our war. We’re okay. Really… okay. Even though it’s late at night And we’re tired … Continue reading Weight of Okay

Life in Full

I've struggled to share this poem and several more that I may or may not share over the coming weeks, as it's more personal than those I usually share. I use to write many poems like this, and I've shared very few of them. I tend to share the ones about specific issues around me, … Continue reading Life in Full

Coming soon: A song

I've got some quick, super exciting news! Over the past few months, a friend and I have been working on writing and composing a song. And now we are almost ready to share it with the world! Keep your eye out on August 18th for the youtube link! ~Brianna Harpel