Underwhelmed by the Overwhelming

I've never worked so long on a poem. Since September, I've been drafting and drafting, trying to find the words for a feeling, only ever having repeated this phrase "why am I so underwhelmed by the overwhelming?" Finally, I found a version I felt finally expressed it... Underwhelmed by the Overwhelming ~ Here I stand  … Continue reading Underwhelmed by the Overwhelming

Drowning in an Endless Stream Of

This is one of my first times making a poem with shape. I hope you enjoy it! Drowning in an Endless Stream Of . 1 By  One Many  Succumb To tears As . 1 By One Many Pile up All their Issues . 1 St Just confusion Over the Sickness Then . 1 .   … Continue reading Drowning in an Endless Stream Of

Weight of Okay

Weight of Okay ~ Here’s to the The ones “Okay.” No really...we are. We know the counter to every lie And can sing it line for line Handing out this truth Comfortable in the life line We’re better.  Done with our war. We’re okay. Really… okay. Even though it’s late at night And we’re tired … Continue reading Weight of Okay

Life in Full

I've struggled to share this poem and several more that I may or may not share over the coming weeks, as it's more personal than those I usually share. I use to write many poems like this, and I've shared very few of them. I tend to share the ones about specific issues around me, … Continue reading Life in Full